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1] The family was very hospitable - they took took one day off to be with us.the even took us to the Gajener Palace [45 kms one way] to make us feel better - we spend the whole day - lake, and after having lunch at the Palace Hotel - THANKS ! We talk for two days intelligent,............... 2] Location, very green, Forests.......... Fantastic architecture - cottages, pool. Cool . .


The resort is around 10 - 20 mins away from the main city and has great greenery available within its premises. The rooms were equipped with heaters which was good, as it helped beat the cold. The best part of the stay was food. It was freshly prepared home made food, and the Rajasthani delicacy were just finger licking good.


The weather during December was great. Though the nights were cold the hotel set up a campfire for us and everyone enjoyed it. Days were sunny and we enjoyed lazing in the garden which was very peaceful after Delhi. Rooms were good and they had heaters so were cosy at night. Food is home cooked so we had to order earlier and it was excellent. The only problem we faced was having to walk in the cold to the dining room to eat or ask for anything as the hotel does not provide room service, nor do they have intercoms in rooms. There are also 3 dogs which belong to the owners and stay on the campus, but these are very friendly and great company.

Manoj Bansal
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